10ml Love

Review :-

Neil ( Purab Kohli) and Mini (Koel Purie) are inseparable friends-with-benefits. Neil loves Mini but not more than Shweta, (Tara Sharma) his would-be wife. Shweta is however, in love with Peter, the mechanic ( Neil Bhoopalam). Shweta wants to elope but her righteous lover Peter, fears God and the possible consequences. He refuses to encourage the runaway bride’s bold plans.

Somewhere in the not-so-elite market area of South Mumbai, shop owner Ghalib (Rajat Kapoor) sells aphrodisiacs. Ironically, his married life lacks romance and action. Haunted by suspicion, he secretly follows his disinterested wife Roshni (Tisca Chopra) everywhere. This only further drives her away.

Ghalib’s mother (Sarita Joshi) finally comes to his rescue. She gives him the magical ‘Josh-e-jawaani’, a love potion which would solve all his problems! Whoever drinks the potion will fall in love with the person he/she sees first, right after consuming the drink.

Sharat Katariya keeps his film simple and sweet. Multiple tracks run parallel in the film, then cross paths co-incidentally, only to come together in a witty climax.

While performances are decent, the characters lack depth, as they are not established sufficiently. Many questions are as a result left unanswered. You fail to understand why people do the things they do in the film. You wonder why Neil won’t marry Mini instead of Shweta. Why does Ghalib follow his wife everywhere? Why would a dominating, pampered and rich woman like Shweta comply with poor Peter’s take on them eloping? None of the questions get answered.

While the short duration, makes the film, a pleasant watch; lack of back-stories, makes it a tad abrupt in parts. There are no dull moments in the film but nothing uniquely memorable either, except for the ‘love potion track’ which makes a late entry in the film.

While initial portions of the film and dialogues fail to evoke laughter, it’s the climax which sort of makes up for the loss. It is delightful and unpredictable. If it wasn’t for the half-baked characters, the film wouldn’t be as forgetful.

Acting wise, Sarita Joshi, Tisca Chopra, Brijendra Kala and Manu Rishi are impressive. Purab and Neil have nothing much to do. Tara Sharma and Koel Purie need to work on their comic timing. Rajat Kapoor gets a boring role to play.

10ml love is a short, lighthearted film. It’s a decent watch, provided you don’t expect great humour.

Story :-

The film is a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

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