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Ajay and Vishal(Arjun Kapoor) are twins separated by a set of adamant parents—Jackie Shroff and Tanvi Azmi; he, a notorious real estate developer and she, a conscientious homemaker who turns police informer. And, there’s there’s a family of cops—Rishi Kapoor, Prithviraj, Sikander Kher, who wear tainted uniforms; introduced in the film’s opening sequence as collectors. By a twist of fate the twins find their lives entwined with that of the cops. The real-estate developer’s wife and one twin are saved by one an honest cop (Anupam Kher) in a bizarre `encounter’. And he keeps them hidden for 25 years . In what is a convoluted plot, the dishonest bunch of policemen (Rishi and co) makes plans to kill Jackie Shroff, his estranged wife, their twins and take over their empire. So they plant one of the twins as an infiltrator.

Set in Gurgaon, the satellite land maze, the writers of Aurangzeb borrow plot-points and lines from Deewar, Trishul, Naam and you also see slight similarities to Hollywood cop capers like Pride & Glory and Departed.

And if you wondering why the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s name has been used; well we’re told he was a traitor, who proclaimed that `kinship shouldn’t come in the way of kingship.’ In other words the end justifies the means. .

Arjun Kapoor is still raw and needs polish to juggle the shades required to balance a twin role.

Sashaa Agha is petite, pug-nosed and has a nice figure. But her portrayal of the golden-hearted whore, like the one Parveen Babi played in Deewar, is insipid.

Story :-

Twin brothers find themselves caught in a quagmire of sex, lies and deceit between the cops and a notorious businessman. Will good triumph over the evil?

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