Bittoo Boss

Review :-

In the town of Anandpur, Punjab, no wedding can start without band, bajaa and Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat). He’s the blue-eyed-boy of all celebrations, because he’s the only ‘sesky’ (read: sexy) videographer who can turn any Katto into Katrina. Every time they see his lens, the kudis flutter their lashes and say, “Ab toh meri le ley” (sic). So much so, that even Bittoo is seduced for some behind-the-camera ‘action’.

In the first scene we are transported to Pammi and Gurvinder’s wedding (surprise, surprise), where Bittoo meets Mrinalini (Amita Pathak) and voila … it’s love in the first frame. At first she rejects him, but a few scenes later, she realizes that he’s local, but kadak. To this point it seems like a big-fat Indian wedding, a sweet love story even, but wait, this ‘VDO-grapher’ has a different story to tell. In a momentary lapse of judgment, he’s brainwashed into taking the big bad leap. Leaving behind the shaadi videos, he moves on to shooting suhaagraats, with hidden cameras. Hawww!

Bittoo’s grey shades don’t really turn ‘blue’ anytime soon. All he ends up doing is preventing teenage rape and helping an inhibited ‘haasband’ copulate. Is this still the same movie we started out with? We’re not so sure.

With a character sketch, screen-name and styling so reminiscent of Ranveer Singh, debutant Pulkit Samrat has little scope to create his own identity. However, he pulls off the small-town-munda act with sincerity, and a natural ease.

Amita Pathak doesn’t strike an impression overall, but she shows spark in some dramatic scenes. Ashok Pathak as Bittoo’s sidekick, overacts.
Debutant director Babul had an interesting premise to start with, but after the first half, the script is more scattered than sorted. Some caricaturish characters, dialogues with local tadka, and few laughable moments save the day. At a time when sex and ‘dirty pictures’ sell, Babul scripts a hero who describes sex as ‘dilon ka milan.’ Ho-hum!

This one had the potential to be an entertainer, but turns out to be a ‘bit-too’ much. . . . .

Story :-
Videographer Bittoo is the ‘boss’ of all weddings in a small-town. In a desperate attempt to make it big, he dabbles in the sex-spy camera business. Will his fate change, or will the good-hearted boy go back to the less-perverted shaadi scene?

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