Blood Money

Review :-

Diamonds are for never! Sometimes the dangling ‘carat’ is just a lure to trap you. In a bloodied mine of diamond devilry. Kunal (Kunal Khemu) is one such man who gets suckered in by the glitter. Landing a job with a leading diamond company in Cape Town, he gets seduced by the lust of money and power. His almost fairytale life with Arzoo (Amrita Puri), slowly turning into a nightmare, as he’s dragged into a diamond trap. The one-time pizza delivery boy from Mumbai is exposed to the gory diamond mafia, traders of illegal weapons and cold-blooded criminals. The frontrunner in this crime chain being his own boss, Zaveri (Manish Chaudhuri). Finally, he’s left with only two choices – sell his soul for success, or get ready for a bloodbath.

Kunal Khemu is convincing as a youngster with modest beginnings, who turns into a greed-obsessed man. In the second-half, as the tale twists, his character emerges stronger, with emotions of rage, desperation and revenge well played out.

Amrita Puri plays the domesticated wife who silently suffers her husband’s wrongdoings. She’s pleasant enough, but gets to interact more with the dining table than with husband. Tsk! Tsk!

Manish Choudhary, the big cigar-smoking boss ends every other line with ‘Superb’ (reminding of the villains of old, like Ranjeet) is impressive. Bhatt favourite, Sandip Sikcand, as the scheming ‘blood-brother’, is not.

Mia Uyeda could be ‘Missing In Action’ for all it’s worth (excuse the coincidence), with skin to show and not much talent – is the honey-trap Kunal falls for.

This one has all the toppings of a ‘Bhatt shocker’ – drama, emotion, tragedy and some sex. Once again they push the bedroom threshold – a semi-erotic, steamy scene between two women – every man’s turn-on fantasy. Debutant director, (Vishal S Mahadkar), tells the story well, though some scenes are very stretched, and tries too hard to provoke a reaction. A faster pace, more potent dialogues, not to add some more dum in Kunal’s voice, and a better background score – would have had greater impact.

While this one is engaging, it’s not the ‘rock’ you’d die for.

Story :-

A young man tries to take dreadful shortcut to success; but his ambitious overdrive lands him in the underbelly of the diamond mafia. Will it be worth the blood?

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