Challo Driver

Review :-

She wants to go ‘all the way’. He wants to take the backseat bet. But who takes whom for a ride? We ‘dare’ you to find out. Because a ‘dare’ is the only thing that gets a rise out of the man in the rear view. ‘Driven’ in top gear by a sexy chauffeur who likes her hand on the stick-shift and honking for the heck of it. Beep Beep!

Meet Tanya (Kainaz Motivala). An aaj ki naari – modern, independent, ambitious, with oodles of attitude and tons of make-up. Her ideal job is to do something unique (Wow, what an idea! Zzzzz!); She believes if men can be make-up artistes, then women can be chauffeurs too (SUVs only please). So she’s part-adventurous, part-feminist without a plan (‘women can do anything a man can do you see’). Thus, when she sees a post of a job of chauffeur (for a high-profile client) to drive his fancy wheels, she grabs the steering opportunity. She’s interviewed by her future boss’ Dadaji ( Prem Chopra), who’s floored by her guts, attitude and ‘research’ (‘Did you know, women are involved in 37% lesser accidents compared to men?’ Uh huh!); and Dadaji believes that driver-devi is the daredevil who can change the way his rich spoilt pota, Arjun ( Vickrant Mahajan), looks at life – mostly anally! She jumps into a self-designed white uniform (Driver-devi probably forgot that she was driving a car, not an aircraft), with coloured kohl-lined eyes (they change everyday, matching her moods maybe?) and reports on duty in time. Go girl! Meanwhile, Arjun turns out to be an idiosyncratic and arrogant backseat boss (his colleagues call him ‘Terminator’ – honk honk!), almost a slave-driver, who behaves robotically at times. The only thing that ‘turns him on’ is winning a bet. So our diva-driver challenges him to play ‘driver-driver’ for a few days; and he takes it on. They exchange a few dialogues, turn on the ignition (by lowering the air-conditioning in the car, really!), listen to some drive-music that he detests; and somehow still fall in love, like co-pilots in a romance cockpit. Chho Chweet! Of course, overnight this machine turns into man (with humanly feelings and blood gushing through his veins instead of engine oil); while ‘chauffeurina’ turns into a gushing girlie girl.

Vickrant Mahajan’s debut is as blah as Mumbai in peak traffic, inspite of all his designer suits, he lacks the persona to pull off a high-speed debut.
In the direction area, this concept could be wittily humorous, but it’s punctured by uninspiring dialogues, zombie-like expressions and speedbreaker-scenes.

Kainaz Motivala is strictly average. Sweet in parts, but lacking the spunk to champion her women’s lib cause. Manoj Pahwa (as her uncle) – with loud and stereotypical Punju mannerisms, entertains; the only one who makes the ride home a tad smoother.

If we dozed off at the wheel, don’t blame us. Do they still say women make better drivers? Zzzzz!

Story :-

A chauvinistic, almost anal boss. A sexy siren of a chauffeur championing ‘women’s equality’ and a promised joyride that will shift your gears.

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