Chatur Singh Two Star

Review :-

Is this supposed to be a desi Pink Panther? Sad. Because Sanjay Dutt’s goofy cop act borders on the juvenile, rather than the funny. His grotesque hair do and sartorial get-up are not the only jarring point of the film. Equally bizarre is his performance which totally fails to do what it was meant to: elicit laughter.

In fact, the film maker fails to use any of his comic actors, and he has so many of them. Consummate comic actors like Satish Kaushik, Sanjay Mishra and Suresh Menon completely fail to cheer you with their lack lustre comedy, simply because no one has taken the pains to bother about the nitty-gritty like story, screenplay, character development and dialogue.

The film ends with the promise of a sequel. Fine, but will someone bother about the niceties of film making first.

Story :-

Bumbling cop Chatur Singh ( Sanjay Dutt) is sent on a special mission to South Africa to solve a high profile case involving the murder of a politician and a cache of diamonds. But before he can redeem his botched up career he must deal with a bunch of loonies which include a crazy mafia don (Satish Kaushik), a weird taxi driver (Sanjay Mishra), a hysterical boss (Anupam Kher) and a pretty damsel in distress ( Ameesha Patel).

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