Chintaman Ganesh Temple

The temple is built across the Shipra on the Fatehabad railway line. The Ganesh idol enshrined here is supposed to be swayambhu – born of itself. The temple itself is believed to be of considerable antiquity.The artistically carved pillars in the assembly hall date back to the Paramara period. Worshippers throng to this temple because the deity here is traditionally known as Chintaharan Ganesh meaning “the assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties”. Chintaman Ganesh Temple (mandir) is positively an antediluvian shrine that dates again to eleventh -twelfth centuries.

The temple is dedicated to God Ganesha, who is regarded in view of their reality that the God/bhagwan of beginnings as per the Hindu attitude. In his traditional instances, the Lord is understood as ‘Chintaharan’, and that actually means remover of all worries and tensions. The temple (mandir) is thronged by crowds of people that come to do away with all their worries at of the very fact that shrine of a Bhagwan. Of the very fact that term ‘Chintamani’ is one other title used for God/bhagwan Vishnu, who is considered seeing as that the preserver of your Universe as per Hindu Legend. Inside that the temple (mandir), of the very fact that ‘Garbhgriha’ contains of the fact that picture of God/bhagwan Ganesha.

People who visit the temple believe that Wednesday is the ruling day for lord Ganesh so most of the people visit Chintaman temple on Wednesdays. Devotes offer modakas, coconut, flowers, and sainted sticks as their token of Love & prasadam to the Lord. On this particular day the temple is crowded with people one can find long queue just to take the Darshan of lord Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturti is the main festival of lord Ganesh as during this period the temple is decorated and there are thousands of people waiting for the blessing of Lord Ganesh. Best time to visit is from October to March .

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