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Vikram Bhatt’s Creature-3D is Bollywood’s attempt to make a sci-fi thriller with indigenous VFX. So you must congratulate Bhatt for this.

The plot revolves around folklore that there are Brahmarakshas—some kind of creatures who are suffering from the curse of Lord Brahma. These half-men, half-animal creatures, according to the film’s story, still exist in Indian jungles because they cannot find salvation.

This film unfolds in picturesque Himachal Pradesh. And you hold your breath when you first spot a beautiful forest lodge surrounded by lush greenery. Your smile stays firmly in place when you meet the bombshell heiress of the place, Aahna (Bipasha Basu), a go-getter who endeavours to give you heaven on earth. She multitasks—from the reception to the kitchen with super charm. Naturally, the guests arrive at the idyllic location with stars in their eyes.

But alas, a Brahmarakshas is on the prowl. Stealthily it closes the distance between itself and a couple of honeymooners. With the film being done in 3-D, you find the creature’s talons and tail reaching out for you in your auditorium seat. For a teeny-weeny part, that smile disappears. And as your palpitations rise, severed blood-soaked limbs pile up.

It’s a worrying sight for most. However, the chief of police is an insensitive sort. He callously blames the attacks on wild animals instead of hunting down the real killer. But Aahna decides she will take charge.

The action picks up when the sexy girl and the 10-feet long creature (an amalgamation of Phantom, the ghost who walks, and Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur from Jurassic Park) lock themselves in battle.

There is a romantic track between Imran Abbas Naqvi (Karan Malhotra) and Bipasha that should have smouldered. However, it falls flat because there is no chemistry between the lead pair. Bipasha is steamier when flirting with danger (read creature). Also, had this film been 15 minutes shorter, it could have been more spine-chilling.

Story :-

A scary creature and a girl find themselves inhabiting the same jungle. And both battle it out for supremacy.

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