Diary of a Butterfly

Review :-

Diary of a Butterfly overflows with hygiene-conscious girls: they are generally showering themselves interminably, having a bubble bath with their lovers or just chilling out in bikinis in the swimming pool. And there are these long lovemaking scenes spiced up with erotic background music. The one between Goswami and her just-arrived-from-Jaipur lover goes on interminably as the camera lingers erotically close to their bodies as if a soft-porn flick is being shot on the sly. These scenes could be the special attraction for this adult-rated movie that has little to recommend itself in terms of a narrative.

Plot, if there is one, centres around Gul ( Udita Goswami), an attractive, no-scruples girl with an insatiable hunger for quick success. Playing games and using people as ladders, including her best friends, she ends up with a bungalow and a fast car. But success also has a way of handing out life’s lessons.

Diary of a Butterfly seems to be a vehicle of sorts for Goswami. She probably gets more screen time than rest of the cast put together. But this is the sort of vehicle that goes nowhere.

Story :-

A Jaipur girl leaves for Mumbai with a job offer in a fashion house and an ambition to reach the top at any cost. Her mother has asked her to write a daily dairy. . . .

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