Dolly Ki Doli

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Meet Dolly (Sonam). The ultimate runaway bride. But she doesn’t ride off into the sunset on a steed. She dumps the studs in sherwanis instead. After robbing them of their money and jewellery – leaving their real ‘jewels’ untouched. The ‘con-banega-fraud-pati’ gang has a full TV serial of a family. A dowry-doling dad, a ‘groom-scanning’ brother (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub) and a maa of all chornis to complete this dump-the-dulha drama. Dolly simply dolls up, bats her pretty lashes and charms the men into marrying her. Before drugging them with laced milk and stealing all they possess. Her rules are simple too – Age, caste, no bar! Wedlock Sex – totally barred!

So we have two poorer but wiser looted victims – Haryanvi boy Raju (Rajkummar) and Delhi munda Manjot (Varun). Raju rebels against his family to marry her. A quick, grand wedding follows and on the suhaag raat Dolly serves her deadly dose of doodh. Of course, coy bride sticks to denying her desperate dulhas their ‘first-night’ privileges.

But media catches up. She’s labelled ‘looteri dulhan’ on TV. So she has to drop the ‘Dolly’ and get more filmi names like Madhuri, Juhi, Vidya (though she looks just the same!). The plan stays strangely smooth. Next, she meets Manjot. Story repeats. Dolly disappears with the moolah and he’s screwed (nope, he doesn’t get ‘any’ either). Meanwhile, cop Robin Singh (Pulkit) is tracking down this dulhan-on-the-run, but he has his own motive for cracking this doli.

Debutant director Abhishek Dogra’s con-bride story is simple and refreshing. It’s filled with some laughable moments, hilarious performances and quirky characters. There aren’t too many highs or dramatic turns; Dolly’s past story is unconvincing and her track with Pulkit is the weak link in the plot. The climax is a sweet surprise, so hold on for it. After wedlocks across the country, there’s only one faint picture of Dolly’s shaadi? Really? What’s ‘app’, guys?

Sonam plays the badass bahu with aplomb. From coy, to confident – she pulls it off with spunk. Rajkummar and Mohammed deliver a good act and Pulkit is decent. Varun, with his comical expressions and superb comic timing is the most hilarious character in the film. Archana Puran Singh as Varun’s OTT mom is a riot.

Story :-

Dolly fakes marriages with rich lads, robs them of their wealth and never really gets them laid.

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