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A few friends make an impromptu plan of exploring a desolate hotel. They are intrigued by stories of mysterious deaths occurring in its seemingly haunted room No. 3046. A Ramu-kaka like waiter even warns, “Jis din bhuton pe vishwas karoge, us din zinda nahi bachoge.’ The group pays no heed. They enter the property, hoping to debunk paranormal occurrences. What do they discover?

Friends, haunted mansions and eerie nights make for spine-chilling horror films. The makers have all the right ingredients to scare the living daylights out of you. But instead of utilising the classic setting differently, they borrow heavily from Hollywood films (1408, Mirrors, The Ring).

Cliched paranormal happenings, like a door shutting by itself, characters exploring the hotel solo, in spite of knowing they are most likely to get killed when alone, etc., get frustrating to watch as the dim-witted script makes the characters look daft.

Real fear evokes deadly silence and not screams. Remember that spectacular scene in Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot when Urmila Matondkar is left speechless with fear on spotting the ghost for the first time? A few scenes capable of being real spooky here are marred by the characters’ incessant blabbering. For a genre like this, it’s terribly distracting. You get sick of listening to ‘Come on guys, we will survive guys, what is happening guys’, et al. None of the ‘guys’ are however worried about being caught for trespassing!

Barring a scene, where you see an empty wheelchair moving around the hotel corridors, the rest fails to send shivers down your spine. You get bored of the running around. With no major scares, the film gets tedious and even 90 minutes seem like never-ending. The back story of the ghost is equally lame. The performances and cinematography are not effective either.

We like Vikram Bhatt’s brand of horror but this Horror Story was more silly than scary.

Story :-

A bunch of youngsters decide to barge into an abandoned hotel to check if it’s indeed haunted.

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