Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke

Review :-

The film begins well with a gawky call centre executive Priyanka (Adah Sharma) answering weird medical queries over the phone. She even warns a client that ‘beauty creams’ are for external use only. The scene evokes laughter, thus making you believe the film could turn out to be a fun comedy.

Unfortunately, within few minutes, you realize the film has no story in the first place. You see Priyanka’s bachelor neighbour-cum-best friend Shammy (Dev Goel) loitering around in his house in colourful underwear. He even sniffs one of his underpants, thankfully, when he isn’t wearing it!

The hyper-enthusiastic, forever-smiling Shammi (much to your annoyance) all of a sudden decides to attend a wedding in Pune and convinces Priyanka to accompany him. The film is all about what happens on that road trip.

The journey gets unbearable for you as an audience as there is nothing funny or adventurous about anything or anyone here. The film fails to qualify as a comedy to begin with. The jokes won’t even make a 5-year-old laugh.

For instance, a man dressed as a gorilla scares off the hero in the jungle, a boy dressed as a Spider-man chases the heroine, a rowdy goon Amladi (whose dad is supposedly associated with common wealth games, get it?) gets into pointless banter with the lead actors, Chunky Pandey plays not double or triple, hold your breath…some 4-5 roles and hams endlessly. Actors speak in South Indian, Parsi and Bengali accents in an outdated attempt to make you laugh!

Sanjay Dutt, Anupam Kher and Juhi Chawla are in guest appearances. Given the lack of a story, even their presence fails to salvage the film. Adah Sharma is decent. She must choose her films wisely. Dev Goel smiles from the beginning of the film till the end for no reason. His over-acting is irritating. However, the two cannot do much, given how silly and ‘wannabe funny’ the film is.

Making a ‘comedy’ is not everyone’s cup of tea after all.

Story :-

Two friends take an impromptu road trip to Pune, which doesn’t turn out as planned.

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