Exhibitions Name Indexpo – Indore 2012

Date : 02 Nov 2012 to 04 Nov 2012

Venue : Labhganga Exhibition Center, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Overview : Indexpo Indore 2012 is one of the biggest events dedicated to industrial goods in Southern India. This four day event will feature a wide variety of technologies and equipment related with different industries which will be showcased under one roof like never before. It is the perfect opportunity to access latest trends and buy high quality products from leading manufacturers. Besides serving the immediate trading needs of the participants, it will also enable development of new bonds between major players in the industry. It is a wonderful opportunity for the traders in state of Indore to showcase their industrial excellence to the entire world. Indexpo Indore 2012 is all set to create new benchmarks of quality and it’s a must attend event for all those who want to improve their business.

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