Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story

Review :-

Bhai-log and behno, here’s another ‘Don’ film and it’s daringly different. Yes, it has un(don)e the deadly Don and given us an all new, improved, purified soul. Bole toh, a bhai with a big-heart; who does more bhaichara than bhaigiri. He has a sense of ‘humours’ (bhai style), says ‘ladies first’ (chivalrous, alright) and is a master in ‘bhai-ology’.

Meet Jayantabhai (Vivek), a small-time Mumbai gangster, who’s more Munnabhai than Jayantabhai, really. While JB tries to win over his big boss Altaf bhai and become his right-hand hench, he bumps into his friendly and feisty neighbour Simran (Neha) – struggling to find a foothold in big, bad Mumbai. Over anda-bhurji and endless banter in bhai-bhasha (refer to dialect dictionary for Dons) he falls in love with his pretty ‘English Vinglish’ padosan. Simran grapples with ‘single-girl-in-big-city’ issues like roti and makaan; as far as kapda goes, she’s somehow impeccably dressed at all times (huh!). They develop an endearing bond (with lovable chemistry); and Don suddenly turns into dilwala, and a new chapter on luv-shuv is introduced in ‘bhai-ology’.

Vivek is cool, confident and in his ‘fulltoo’ element. He’s donned the bhai role several times, but Jayantabhai is total jhakaas. He adds zest to his character, with ‘donnisms’, punctuating it with bang-on comic-timing. Neha is a delight onscreen; looking stunning as ‘bubblegum’ or ‘babe’. She shows immense spark, performing with spunk and style.

Vinnil Markan’s ‘feel-good’ goofy ‘gangsta’ story is told with simplicity and modesty. It’s not a slick, stylized gang-fest with shootouts and shenanigans, but an uncomplicated story of a good-goonda who wears his heart (instead of his gun) on his sleeve.

The screenplay is average and it waits a while to take-off. And we wish it had a bit more ‘Ram Leela’ (read: drama in bhai lingo), but overall it entertains.

Story :-

Damsel in distress moves into bad neighbourhood and is bailed out by a golden-hearted, lovelorn don. Of course, with a few lessons in ‘bhai-ology’ and romantic chemistry

Moral of the story :-

Even bhais make good boyfriends. Got it, bhai saab?

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