Khota Sikka

Review :-

Too many characters comprising overprotective parents, overbearing friends and over-friendly neighbours clutter this film. To make things worse for the viewer, none of them has a sensible role. Their presence is as meaningless as the very existence of this film, which boasts of an outdated plot.

Desi Veeru (Aatri Kumar) falls in love with videsi Kiran (Nilufer Salehi) and she, for some weird reason, loves him too. But Veeru’s conservative parents want him to get married to their daughter-in-law’s younger sister, because she is beautiful and traditional. Also, Kiran’s mother wants her to marry a rich guy. What happens to their love story?

The film belongs to 90s Bollywood and not in a good way. Backup dancers doing co-ordinated dance moves on the hills, people faking British accents to pretend they are UK-returned and a melodramatic cliched story that can put you to sleep…the film struggles on various grounds. The lead actors don’t have much to do except for indulging in some random banter and dancing to some irrelevant songs.

No matter how inconsequential, the film may still find an audience in those who don’t mind laughing at jokes, no matter how juvenile.

Story :-

Jobless short guy falls in love with a tall NRI girl. But ‘physical incompatibility’ is not a problem here. Whether their parents will approve of the relationship is.

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