Life is Beautiful

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The plot seems to be inspired by popular rom-coms ‘The Proposal’ (2009) and ‘What Happens in Vegas’ (2008). Of course, these Hollywood films were way superior in every possible way but this one has its own twist or (the lack of it) and innocence.

Set in Canada, ‘Superman’ fan-boy Raj (the lovelorn protagonist) works less and fantasizes more about his model-like crush Linda. On the other hand, ‘temporary’ wife Pia realizes she may have developed feelings for her ‘husband’. What happens next and who gets whom forms the story.

Actor Manoj Amarnani juggles the multiple roles of director, background score composer, choreographer and stylist for the film. He dabbles in almost everything and in spite of being a newcomer, manages to make a film that is watchable if not memorable.

As far as the execution is concerned, the director’s liking for the Yash Chopra-Karan Johar brand of cinema is evident. Colourful saris, romantic songs picturised in snowy locales and dream sequences are aplenty. The lead actors are easy on the eye and render decent performances, especially the hero who has potential but needs to work on his Hindi diction.

However, what works as a spoiler here is a pointless story that makes the romance look unconvincing. The film thus works as a comedy rather than a love story. But even the juvenile jokes, which predominantly revolve around Raj and his sidekick, get repetitive after a while.

The songs are the film’s USP for they are melodious and have been sung by renowned singers like Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal. ‘Manzilein’ in particular is hummable.

Overall, those who are obsessed with love stories, no matter how inconsequential or conventional they are, won’t mind watching this one.

Story :

When Raj’s (Manoj Amarnani) application for Canadian citizenship is rejected, in a bid to attain residency, he is forced to marry a stranger, Pia (Anokhi Dalvi). But his heart yearns for Linda (Nancy Brunetta).

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