Life Mein Hungama Hai

Review :-

Vishi ( Saksham Kulkarni) and Sunny ( Sonu Bakshi) are best friends. While Vishi loves books and excels in academics, Sunny is the sports guy. Bored of their disciplined hostel life, the two decide to run away and travel across the world in a ship, along with Vishi’s explorer uncle Swami. As per the plan, the two children manage to escape from their hostel. But do they find the ship? Do they live their dream?

Life Mein Hungama Hai is a cute film, which has that 80’s children’s-special documentary feel to it. The story keeps you engaged and like a child, you too start hoping for an adventure. The chidren’s journey, the main story of the film, has been executed well. The simplicity of the film works. Lead performances by the children and cameos by Jackie Shroff, Urmila Matondkar, Paresh Rawal and Boman Irani are perfect.

However, since we are in the year 2013, and the genre of the film being ‘adventure’, the film needed better cinematography. The preachiness in story-telling is a bit of a spoiler. Since, the production value is low, it gives the film a dated look or was it indeed shot years back? We don’t know.

Songs look unnecessary. Direction is decent but it’s the performances and the story that keeps you hooked. Overall, it’s a decent vacation film for
the children, made with a modest budget.

Story :-

Based on Ruskin Bond’s short story, the film is about two youngsters who run away from their hostel, looking for an adventure.

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