Love Recipe

Review :-

If you are a DJ (like DJ Rahul Kher) who wants to win over your future father-in-law, here is the (filmmaker’s) recipe of love for you…

Take a wannabe DJ who thinks ‘yo’ is the way of life. Then mix it with his passion for Tia. Spice it up with an over-protective dad who wants his daughter to go all desi. He does not want anything remotely western even if that means a profession as ‘non-Indian’ as Djing. Marinate it with a freaky, severed head. Now how does Mr DJ win over his future sasur? He finds the body to which the (cut off) head belongs. Incidentally that of the most wanted terrorist, Carlos Randall. That’s dad-in-law’s idea of desh bhakti in his future son-in-law. Finally, garnish it with lots of chaos, non-humorous one liners. Sprinkle with loads of songs. Performance: a pinch or none.

Serve(d): Ekdum thanda! If only the recipe of real love was that easy.

Story :-

Rahul wants to settle down in life with Tia. But before that he has to win over Tia’s dad, retired IG of police, Pratap Singh.

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