I Don't Luv U

Review :-

Yuvaan (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and his friends have nothing better to do except for looking up girls’ skirts and ogling their cleavage. The boys even scan the ladies and their assets mentally, in order to identify them. Their offensive behaviour takes a backseat when Yuvaan gets attracted to London-returned Aayra (Chetna Pande). Just when love and commitment are about to happen, an MMS clip changes their life and beliefs forever.

While the performances, cinematography, songs, production value are all decent, what disappoints the most is the director’s uncertainty about the topic he wishes to highlight. The need of teenagers to upload everything online, craving for sex early in a relationship, TV news channels and their obsession with TRPs, victims of media’s sensationalism…too many issues have been addressed. This mishmash elongates the film, without letting it become as effective as it could have been.

The film works fine as a campus romance but that track too gets disrupted by the MMS scandal, which comes painfully late in the movie. Also, the
moment you start feeling for the characters, the film enters the ‘media bashing’ phase, thereon entering altogether different territory. The
inconsistency concerning the story disappoints.

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Emma Watson-esque Chetna Pande are easy on the eyes and act well. Ruslaan in particular is impressive in emotional scenes. Hope he gets better films to showcase his talent. We wish his character was defined better.

The film has a lot to offer, especially for youngsters but mentions of too many moralistic issues leave you frustrated. The film tries too hard to
cater to the young generation and their dilemmas. The narrative keeps beating around the bush for way too long.

Story :-

You don’t value ‘true love’ until you lose it. The ‘Facebook’ generation portrayed in the film learns this the hard way.

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