Main Aur Mr. Riight

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If you fancy American romcoms, you would be able to predict the ending of this film right at the beginning. It has drawn inspiration from various films, the most prominent being Jennifer Aniston-starrer Picture Perfect (1997).

In this case, what could have been an interesting take on relationships in a social media-driven, opinionated world, gets marred by juvenile dialogues and silly issues. To begin with, the lead actress is shown facing ‘peer pressure’ – something you are most likely to face in your 20s and not 30s.

Her friends too sound immature for their age. For instance, one of the guys in the group who’s not ready to settle down reacts, “It’s my bad karma”, when his girlfriend tells him that she is expecting a baby. One of the other friends, who’s busy making money, tells his wife, “Enough is enough, you better get back to being my wife”, when she raises concern about their marriage falling apart. Then enters Aliya’s contractual beau Hridhaan aka Suki (Sobti), who manages to sweep her friends off their feet. Only if he was Mr. Right!

Television actor Barun Sobti makes his Bollywood debut here and is probably the only saving grace of this film. Perfectly cast as a diehard Salman Khan fan, Barun amuses you with his desi humour and does complete justice to the role. Shenaz Treasuryvala fits the role too, but her character is poorly written.

Story :-

When not breaking her head over finding the ‘right’ actors, Aliya (Shenaz Treasuryvala), a hoity-toity Bollywood casting director, seeks Mr. Right in real life as well. When her repeated attempts at finding the perfect boyfriend fail, she makes Suki (Barun Sobti), a struggling actor, pretend to be the love of her life in order to impress her friends. Can Mr. Wrong help Alia save face?

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