Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

Review :-

The film begins well. The events manage to keep you intrigued and seek truth just like ACP Ajay (unintentionally funny cop, who says ‘posisun’ for position and ‘investigasun’ for investigation). Just when you feel that M3 might turn out to be a decent ‘whodunit’, the film changes its genre and becomes an inconsequential love triangle.

From cops interrogating suspects, we are suddenly transported to multiple songs (all dream sequences) and in no time, everyone forgets about the paranormal case. Worse is when the mystery unfolds. In order to make the climax unpredictable, the writer forgot to connect it with the initial build-up. Basically, all your questions remain unanswered in the end.

The very petite Sara Khan looks too small in front of the muscled hero. The hero plays the role of a struggling singer but looks like an aspiring actor from Lokhandwala. Supporting actors try too hard to be funny. Songs sung by Udit Narayan are probably the only good thing about the film.

Story :-

In the middle of the night, a man walks into a police station to report his own murder. The cops not only find the complainant’s dead body but also receive phone calls from him, checking on the investigation!

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