MLA-An Inside Intruder

Review :-

A few minutes into the movie and you realise there is ample scope to generate a something (burning issues of utmost importance) out of nothing (a cast and movie pretty unheard of). There’s a lecture on farmer suicides and employment scope. There is also an uprising — of the locals against corrupt politicos and policemen – where change and people’s movement shall be the ultimate winner. But all is lost to the too-many-loopholes in the script.

The big fight turns into a clash of the egos between MLA Kay Kay ( Mukesh Tiwari) and industrialist Anuj ( Chaitanya Naidu). The idea of setting up a milk factory is lost to the tycoon’s foreign-return girlfriend, Anna ( Ana Kanandadze) who is either seen singing songs or getting her gender right. ‘Main bolunga’, is what she tells a cop. The common man, aka villagers, are just too busy dancing to the tunes of some raunchy item songs scattered here and there. As for the sitting MLA, he is seen sitting for most part of the movie. He creates chaos while he ‘sits’ with face pack on; while he ‘sits’ ogling at the item he wants to bed next.
Finally, it’s the performances that leave you very disappointed. Even someone like Omkar Das Manikpuri (that’s Natha of Peepli live fame) seems disinterested to the core. The first time he speaks is right in the beginning of the movie saying the village needs the milk plant. No explanation whatsoever. The second (and last time) he actually speaks is when Mr Tycoon sympathises with him. Omkar’s reaction: ‘It’s okay… at least things are fine now’. That after his daughter is harassed all through the movie, raped, and finally forced to commit suicide.

Now that leaves us with nothing much to speak about.

Story :-

Setting up a milk factory for industrialist Anuj in the village of Bhaglipur (Madhya Pradesh) is a tedious task. Here’s why….

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