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MSG is an indescribable mind-numbing experience. It’s so unapologetic in nature that it renders you speechless. As you watch the saint revel in his fantasy-filled heroics for over three hours, strutting in atrocious clothing and modified cars, you are appalled by his narcissism. Yet, for some strange reason, you choose to tolerate his self-indulgence, hoping to decode his psyche.

While the film is shoddy in every possible way, it still has a ‘story’, which is predominantly an elaborate promotion of pitaji’s supposed magical powers, which can give the gods, demigods, Rajinikanth and all superheroes combined, a run for their money. He can sweep the nation clean, make it greener, resolve the water scarcity issue, get the sex workers married, make India addiction free and give the youth a ‘healthy nasha’ of humanity instead. Most importantly, he encourages people to drink ruhani jaam, which can miraculously cure every possible illness.

A parallel track revolves around the loud extras, who conspire to kill him. A buffed-up Mike (poor man’s Vin Diesel) is on a mission to assassinate the guru. But can he kill the rockstar with an angelic smile, curly arm hair and Sehwag-esque voice, who does push-ups atop two parallel running trucks (move over Ajay Devgn), flies his bike over a swimming pool while strumming the guitar, turn weapons into rose petals et al?

In case you missed the first two hours of the film, pitaji ensures you don’t miss out on it by repeating the gyaan in the climax. Isn’t he just like the song dedicated to him? ‘Papa the geerate (read great)’. Nonetheless, the film is a treat for this guru’s fans since he appears practically in every scene.

PS: The one star is strictly for babaji’s intriguing choice of outfits. A multi-coloured crochet two-piece (tight tees and knee-length pants) takes the cake.

Story :-

While the followers of the spiritual leader (Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) are bound to lap it up, for the rest, MSG is one of those elongated deceptive late night TV infomercials, you watch purely for guilty pleasure.

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