O Teri

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PP (Samrat) and his buddy Anand Ishwarwam Devdutt Subramanium, aka (groan) AIDS (Amrohi) are two DYTs (dumb young things) lost in the cut-throat world of TV reporting. With their pushy boss Monsoon (Dias) unimpressed by their lame efforts, the guys are desperate to find a big political scam to expose. Their wish is fulfilled when corrupt politician Khwaja (Kher) hooks up with noodle-strapped, fuchsia-lipped media manager Sherry (Bedi) to handle corrupt allocations of contracts in Delhi’s Asian Olympic Games. As a CBI investigator Tripathi gets murdered and Khwaja’s political rival Kilol (Raaz) wants him exposed, the two reporters find themselves caught in serious cross-fire.

O Teri’s story picks up recent corruption scandals, mashing these with classic cinematic takes on scams. Familiar themes are deployed, including a laash that keeps vanishing and popping up, CDs of mantras and phone tapping that get confused, collapsing bridges, spiraling behind-the-scenes deals, etc. Amidst this, PP and AIDS, all biceps, cleavage and no brains, struggle to stay alive – and get famous. Given these elements, O Teri could have been bitingly hilarious, but it isn’t. The overburdened story unravels under a palpable nervousness to please all. Therefore, too frequent songs, too many gaalis from Kilol, too many subplots (from gamlas to gay sex) and too many poor jokes spoil the show.

The weak acting also doesn’t hold. While debutant Amrohi presents a relatively fresh and effortless act, Samrat mostly sleepwalks through his unconvincing role. Dias is unintentionally hilarious as mean editor Monsoon, pouting so much, her lines sound like, “Kya? Ek aur shcoop?” The movie does have little gems like: “Aaj election hai kya? Jisko dekho, talli!” but these get lost in an eventually mediocre tale.

Overall, the direction of O Teri simply loses the satirical plot, leaving you sighing, jaane bhi do yaaron.

Story :-

Two investigative reporters seek a scam to expose – what happens when they find one?

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