Rabba Main Kya Karoon

Review :-

Warning for Men only: If you’re cheating on your wife, or planning a feisty fling – keep the married-half away from this one.

So let’s get started. With the coitus of the problem – Shaadi. Well, this is a Big Fat Indian Wedding (for the umpteenth time). Oh yes, it’s Punjabi too (surprise, surprise!) – With a battalion of baraatis, desi girls, daru and dancing aplenty. While the mummyjis and maamijis (high-voltage at all times) are busy with mehmaans and make-up, the hubbies are making-out with hot young things. In the ‘genes’, huh?

The groom, Saahil (Akash), can’t wait to marry his childhood sweetheart Sneha (Tahira), until big-bro Shravan (Arshad) walks into the celebration. He feeds straight-laced Saahil with his well-practiced adulterous philosophy – ‘All men are dogs. Cheating is in the hormones!’ These noble thoughts all inspired by Maharishi Tharkacharya (Hai Rabba!) He tempts the boy to loosen up (read: pants), indulge and revel in his brief bachelorhood.

Well, you can’t blame big-bro as he follows by example – The Maamus of the family – played by Tinu Anand, Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor. The first slept with a woman who lost her bra; post which he’s lost his sanity looking for it. The second romances girls in front of his dimwit wife who thinks she’s hallucinating; the third with a hideous golden hairdo gets away because of his wife’s ‘blonde moments’. They share one mantra – ‘To have a happily married life, cheat on your wife!’

Debutant Akash makes a wet, bare-chest entry (surprise?), but doesn’t show much skill in the acting area. Newbie Tahira looks pleasant but her performance doesn’t go too far. Arshad’s superb flair for comedy lets him walk through this part, though far from his best.

Chopra’s story sounds hilarious but it doesn’t have the similar effect onscreen. The ensemble is good, but some are underused, the rest overact. The film provides few laughs, but mostly lacks comedy or romance. It bursts into random songs and the climax leaves you laughing – for the wrong reasons.

Story :-

A dulha-to-be gets his first lessons on marriage, adultery and how to be a ‘happy cheater husband’.

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