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Raqt is a disaster. If it doesn’t give you a throbbing headache, you deserve a medal for putting up with utter crap in the name of cinema. The film is loaded with terrible dubbing, out of focus scenes, sleazy songs, tacky dialogues, horrible outfits, a dumb story and pathetic direction.

If you must know the story – Sonia (Sweta Bharadwaj) is an actress who adopts her niece Suhani ( Sheena Shahabadi), as her mother dies in an accident. Sonia adores Suhani but the latter fears if Sonia falls in love with anyone else, she might send her away to a boarding school. In no mood to share her mother’s affection, she kills everyone who comes between them.

Strangely, the mother has no clue about the happenings and is not suspicious of her daughter’s behaviour. Thus, many more get killed and the film goes on forever, leading to nowhere.

Almost everything about the film is annoying and appalling at the same time. The mother-daughter bond looks like a joke. Farida Jalal plays the role of a maid and because she happens to be ‘Maria’, she speaks in that cliched Bollywood Christianised-Hindi. “Tum karne ko mangta, bachcha baby, bada baby.”

“You know how it works in Hollywood” tells a director to an actress, a woman shows off her cleavage and says, “Objects are bigger from inside than they appear outside”, etc. There is also this cringeworthy ‘lesbian’ scene which grosses you out. Shakti Kapoor plays the role of a noble priest and that evokes laughter for obvious reasons. Performances are as lame.

Story :-

An adopted daughter craves for undivided attention and love from her mother. Turns out she has a psychological disorder.

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