Every year a lot of festivals in celebrated in India. These festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and are looked forward for with a lot of eagerness. Although these festivals also share different kind of rituals. These rituals are very important in terms of the importance that is given to these festivals and the proper process that is followed for these festivals.

Rituals that are performed with utmost care to provide a very esthetic and spiritual experience for the festival. These rituals for Indian festivals have been followed for past several centuries with the same respect that was used several hundred years ago.

Every Indian festival have different rituals and prayers that are followed. Every day of weekday have a different stories (see Hindu fasts) and different reason behind having these seven days.

Apart from just Hindu festivals there are also several Muslim festivals that follow rituals of their own and is known as Azzan and is performed when a child is born or after the new born baby is given its first bath. This ritual is followed and prayers are offered to god. This process is followed so that the first name that the child hears is that of the god.

Rituals make an integral part of the Indian history and will be followed with the same zeal and enthusiasm for centuries to come.

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