Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga

Review :-

This satire on inflation revolves around a family of four, Puttan Pal ( Sanjay Mishra), his wife Noori ( Pragati Pandey), younger brother Gopal (Ranjan Chhabra) and father ( Vishwa Mohan Badola). The family struggles to make ends meet with just one earning member, Noori, who runs a beauty parlour but that isn’t sufficient. Thus, they come up with a plan that ensures them immunity from growing prices for the next three years.

The family decides to get a loan of one lakh rupees in Gopal’s name with the excuse that he wants to set up a shop. The loan is granted under a government scheme with the condition that it’s cleared within three years. The idea is to stock up ration worth a lakh which will last for three years, thus dodging inflation in the process. Money saved will be used to clear the loan. The plan works fine until a loan inspector ( Zakir Hussain) suspects foul play!

Saare Jahaan Se Mehenga has a brilliant concept, earnest performances and clean humour. It addresses inflation, one of the most relevant topics that’s plaguing our economy today, and even offers a unique solution which may not seem realistic but gets you thinking. The film however falls short of evolving beyond the basic idea, which curtails the impact it should ideally make.

The film has some poignant moments, especially when the old father fears humiliation if they’re caught and Puttan speaking his heart out on how inflation affects the middle class. We however wish there was no love track that involves Gopal. The film also becomes a tad theatrical and preachy in portions. Performance-wise, the film stays flawless.

Story :-

A lower middle-class family in rural India comes up with an innovative plan to tackle inflation, which, in a way, involves scamming the government!

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