Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene

Review :-

The underworld don claims the money as his, putting Prithwi in the soup. A cat and mouse game ensues between the two. Meanwhile, Prithwi shares this sudden development with his good for nothing roomie Sam (Rannvijay Singh), but decides to keep girlfriend Megha (Tina Desai) out of it.

The film has an interesting premise and the unraveling of events in the climax lives up to the mysterious build-up. We must say it’s unpredictable too, but the lackluster execution is a major issue. The story moves at a snail’s pace, which is a huge disadvantage for a film that aspires to be a thriller. It also fails as a comedy as nothing sounds remotely funny.

Anupam Kher is effective in whatever little he gets to do, but performances fail to brighten things up. Zayed looks like he’s trying too hard to seem modest – his version of Clark Kent looks perpetually scared and mousy. As a sidekick, Rannvijay is way more spontaneous and infuses life into otherwise dull proceedings, but his role is limited. Desai is pleasant, but she has nothing significant to do.

To sum it all up, the story had potential, but lacks chutzpah in its making. Too much of sharafat and no play makes it a dull watch.

Story :-

A geeky simpleton (Zayed Khan as Prithwi Khurana) is in for a pleasant shock one day when his bank account miraculously reflects funds worth Rs 100 crore! Before it can sink in, a phone call from Dawood Ibrahim follows. What’s the deal with this money?

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