The Shaukeens

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Get ready for visual Viagra. The story of three blind mice was a fable, but the myth of three ‘horny’ men, desperately in search of a satisfying ‘climax’ to their mundane existence, is a stark reality. And in this ‘horniman circle’ lies the crux of the matter – ‘The Shaukeens’ – three ‘andropausal’ friends from Delhi; each one with a bursting libido and a desperately roving eye.

Meet KD (Kapoor), Laali (Kher) and Pinky (Mishra) who lech without restraint. Thus, the movie refers to them as ‘HKPs’ (Hawas Ke Pujaris). But what the eyes feast upon, is not what satisfies ‘what lies beneath’. Thus, goaded by the single and sexed-up KD, the teetering trio decide to go on one last fling of fantasy – pre-posthumous-puberty no less.

So they pack their swim-shorts and kachchas and head into the blue yonder of Mauritius. (What a wonder). To rent a family-home owned by a nubile nymphet Aahana (Lisa) and sow their old oats. She’s just had a break-up, and her state of mind (mindless, mostly) depends on the number of ‘likes’ on Facebook. Desperate to ‘get some action’, the oldies offer their sunken shoulders and paunches to cry on. Meanwhile, her hot-fav superstar Akshay Kumar (playing himself in a cool cameo), makes an entry and she tosses around the toofani threesome to get up-close with AK.

Abhishek Sharma’s redux of Basu Chatterji’s ‘Shaukeen’ is contemporized to feed the fetish of the FB generation (yeah, even the oldies click ‘selfies’). The original stays far superior, but this one does have plenty of ‘LOL’ moments, backed with comical performances. Some of the most uproarious ones coming from Akshay’s self-parody of his own filmi career (he’s desperate to act in a Bengali filmmaker’s art film, for a National award!).

The terrific threesome play their parts with ease and Lisa adds oomph and colour to the ‘grey’ streaks. Some humour is forced; songs are shovelled in, and the climax lasts way beyond the orgasm! A tad more comical chemistry between the trio would made this a far more entertaining fare.

Yes, there’s a child in each ‘oldie’, waiting to get out. And the inhibitions should stay ‘zipped-up’. But hey, who doesn’t want one last fling? It’s gen-‘ex’ after all.

Story :-

Three sexagenarians are dying to spice up their boring lives, so they plan a sexcapade of a lifetime.

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