Sooper Se Ooper

Review :-

Sooper Se Ooper is a sweet-road-movie of sorts, where everyone’s chasing after something. Ranveer is chasing his mama, Kukreja and his sidekicks are chasing Ranveer, don Salim bhai (Tinu Anand) is chasing Kukreja and village belle Gulabo ( Kirti Kulhari), her dream of becoming a Bollywood actor. When all are not running around, they boast about Rajputana shaan and the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. Other than the property dispute, the film is also essentially about loving your family and going back to your roots.

With standup comedian Vir Das at the helm of affairs, the film certainly has it’s share of good laughs, with most of the humour arising from the actors’ reaction to people and situations. There are a few good one-liners as well. We especially liked the ‘Pakistan toh Kashmir mein aata hai’ comment, which was cleverly placed. However, don’t go expecting a laugh-out-loud comedy as it’s predominantly a family drama. The relationship between Ranveer and his langot-clad painter mama, who has a heart of gold, is beautifully portrayed.

Deepak Dobriyal and his sidekicks amuse you in the beginning but their gags get repetitive. Vir Das is effortlessly understated. He pulls off emotional scenes with equal ease as he does his comedy. But it’s the brilliant Gulshan Grover, who steals the show with his superb presence. Rajasthan has been shot beautifully.

Much to our relief, Sooper se Ooper is unconventional and thus not cliched. It’s a decent entertainer. Sadly, it’s not as funny as we had expected it to be either.

Story :-

Event manager Ranveer Singh (Vir Das) faces financial crisis. He must sell off his ancestral property in Mumbai’s prime locality, in order to survive. But in the absence of a will, the property belongs to his maternal uncle (Gulshan Grover), who’s based in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, builder Kukreja (Deepak Dobriyal) has his eye on the property too. Who bags the land?

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