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Movie Review :- Like other Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) films, Department has an idea – a force to finish the underworld by stepping over the law’s boundaries. But like other RGV flicks, this one also blasts itself out of the water, leaving you savouring jarring camerawork, flimsy acting and over-the-top violence. Inspector Mahadev Bhosle (Dutt) creates Mumbai’s department to battle, ...

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Review :- It’s a Jason Statham movie where the actor is once again seen paving his way to victory while sorting the good from the bad. So no prizes for guessing what lies in store: gun firing in loads and fist fights in aplenty. Add to that some Statham-ism and there’s no looking back. Now, how many actors do we ...

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Review :- Look carefully – Tezz shows you a London Bollywood hasn’t explored before. Forget those chiffon saree-soirees, lush parks and cream teas – Tezz’s London showcases illegal Indian migrants trapped between violent ghettoes and furious policemen, wet sewers, oily garages and bomb-strapped garbage bins. This is a gritty city, normally shown as every Indian’s vacation paradise – but what ...

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