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The Dirty Picture

Review:- All she had was her well endowed body, her in-your-face sexuality, her seductive moves and her rock hard confidence to carry her through a world that was more than willing to exploit a lone woman, seeking sustenance in a man’s world. That was enough to transform Reshma into Silk, a storm that refused to be quelled by anything or ...

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Desi Boyz

Review :- It’s the crackling chemistry between John Abraham and Akshay Kumar which makes Desi Boyz such a fun film. The guy bonding between them had already been showcased in Garam Masala but this film carries the camaraderie even further. True, the film doesn’t boast of anything that even comes close to an intelligent quotient, but the perfectly tuned tango, ...

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Review :- Rajnikant’s Robot may have pre-dated it, but Ra-One does manage to hold despite the larger-than-life quality of Rajni’s antics as Chitti. Here, Shah Rukh Khan does the train walk sideways and he does it rather well. And if that is not enough, the two desi sci fi heroes have a split second encounter on the streets of Mumbai, ...

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Review :- A remake of the 2003 Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha, Force is a heady cocktail of high powered action and breezy romance that ensure there’s never a dull moment. Director Nishikant Kamat too goes the Rohit Shetty-Abhinav Kashyap (Singham-Dabangg) way and tries to create an old-fashioned action film which sticks to the tried-and-tested formula of pitching the hero against ...

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Chatur Singh Two Star

Review :- Is this supposed to be a desi Pink Panther? Sad. Because Sanjay Dutt’s goofy cop act borders on the juvenile, rather than the funny. His grotesque hair do and sartorial get-up are not the only jarring point of the film. Equally bizarre is his performance which totally fails to do what it was meant to: elicit laughter. In ...

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Review :- Filmmaker Prakash Jha is a breed apart. Beginning as a premier proponent of India’s parallel cinema movement in the 1970s-1980s, he never chose to lose his moorings. Instead, he opted to increase the contours of his canvas by opting for a kind of cinema that combined art with mainstream, meaning with masala. Hence the importance of films like ...

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