Take It Easy

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Given the practical world we live in, this film raises an extremely valid point. What’s more important… to become a good person or a successful one? Since most adults would choose the latter, considering it to be the need of the hour, it’s the children, who end up bearing the brunt of that decision.

Young protagonists Ajay (Yash Ghanekar) and Raghu (Prasad Reddy), who belong to a different social background, fall victim to the rising expectations of their parents, who assume that an ‘expensive international school’ is a guaranteed ticket to better future. They emotionally blackmail their children into believing that they are obligated to realise their unfulfilled dreams.

Ajay’s rich parents (Joy Sengupta, Dipannita Sharma) want him to be number one – be it studies or sports. They lure him by getting expensive and unwanted gifts. Raghu aspires to be an astronaut but his father (Raj Zutshi) wants him to become an Olympic athlete. Burdened by their parents’ expectations, the two decide to follow their heart, without being rebellious. Can the parents learn a thing or two about life from these kids?

In terms of subject, the makers nail it. Their message of how ‘everything is judged on the basis of money than character today’ comes across clearly. However, the execution could have been crisper, more authentic. The story keeps beating around the bush for no reason, when the impact has already been made. The dramatization is uncalled for, especially towards the end. What could have been an otherwise heartrending climax, gets faltered when stretched for no rhyme or reason. Why beg for tears?

Also, the film lacks continuity and gives an impression that certain portions were chopped off randomly to cut the length.

Raj Zutshi stands out and so do the two children. The film tries too hard to hold you emotionally. If only the makers took it easy, this one could have been a winner.

Story :-

Take it Easy depicts the contemporary dilemma of urban children, who are constantly pressured to excel in academics, sports or whatever else their ambitious parents wish them to pursue.

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