Tere Naal Love Hogaya

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Rich attractive girls have a tendency to run away from home in masala Bollywood. We all know that. We also know that they invariably meet up with decent guys who become their knight in shining armour. So it is no surprise when Mini ( Genelia D’Souza), a rich, thrill-seeking girl, encourages Viren ( Riteish Deshmukh), an autorickshaw driver, to kidnap her. We immediately know where the movie is headed for.

For her, it is the beginning of all the rush she was looking for. And willy-nilly, Viren becomes her partner. Together they break into homes and get drunk. And she even makes ransom calls to her own father. The twist comes when she discovers that Viren is no autorickshaw driver.

Breezy romantic comedies generally thrive on witty dialogues and the chemistry of the lead pair. And Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya does have some crackling gags and one-liners. Director Mandeep Kumar uses the famed Haryanvi wit to good effect although the narrative stereotypically links big biceps with peapod brains. One hilarious moment in the film comes when Viren shouts at a foreigner, “Simon go back,” a reference to the famous anti-Simon agitation of 1927. The stupefied foreigner mutters, “How did he know my name is Simon?”

Post-marriage, TNLHG is Retiesh and Genelia’s first film together. And they look good as a pair. The movie could have been to Genelia what Jab We Met is to Kareena Kapoor. But she often goes over the top. At other times, she is too besotted by her own cuteness to become the girl she is meant to be. In contrast, Riteish looks much more in control.

TNLHG is one of those movies that you like for 10 minutes and then don’t for the next 10. The cycle continues for long. But the climax is fairly engaging and the man who makes it happen is Om Puri. His rousing speech is what gives the movie its last burst of vitality.

The movie also has some of the most hummable tracks of 2012. Whenever the narrative falters, Sachin-Jigar’s music comes to the rescue. Piya o re piya, Pee pa pee pa and Mai vaari jawan are three gems of 2012. And there’s Veena Malik once again doing an item number. Midway the lyrics go something like this: Chhalke chhalke ras ka kuwan, koi bhi pee jaye as the camera focuses on her cleavage. Even without Ms Malik’s open-heart display, TNLHG is passable popcorn fare.


A young girl in search of adventure forces an honest autorickshaw driver to kidnap her at gunpoint. Sparks inevitably fly between the two. . . . .

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