The Dirty Picture


All she had was her well endowed body, her in-your-face sexuality, her seductive moves and her rock hard confidence to carry her through a world that was more than willing to exploit a lone woman, seeking sustenance in a man’s world. That was enough to transform Reshma into Silk, a storm that refused to be quelled by anything or anybody. Determined to take on the industry single-handedly and carve a niche for herself as a sex symbol in a hypocritical world, Silk was the steroid shot that sent the world in a tizzy. Journalists and holier-than-thou art film makers like Abraham (Emraan Hashmi), hysterical women’s groups and the ubiquitous moral police branded her the scum of the earth. But her legion fans were ready to lay their lives for her and the industry heroes, like Suryakant ( Naseeruddin Shah) couldn’t keep their eyes and hands off her. One dirty picture followed another and name, fame and success peaked to unimaginable heights for our girl from nowhere who unabashedly lived out her dreams. Her survival policy: savour the bouquets, ignore the brickbats. Life was literally on song.


Reshma ( Vidya Balan), a small town girl with dreams of stardom in her eyes, sets out for Chennai, with nothing but her passion to stir her on. After the usual period of struggle and rejections, she gets her break as an item girl who’s got the most sensuous moves in town. It doesn’t take her long to storm the box office as Silk, the sex symbol who’s driving a whole generation crazy with her oomph. The industry too can’t stay immune to her earthy charms and her list of worshipers — and lovers — keeps multiplying, until it’s downhill time. Will simpleton Silk be able to survive the rigours of a heartless work place that discards faster than it accepts?

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