Umizaru 3 : The Last Message

Review :-

Nothing could perhaps be a more fitting end to the all-time fav Japanese Umizaru series than the very man in question, Daisuke Senzaki, leader of the Japanese Coast Guard, taking on the onus of playing fearless once again simply to save human lives. This time however, the challenge is much bigger. He has got to save all off Regalia — Japan’s largest offshore natural gas rig. Naturally then, much of the screen time sees Hideaki running around saving lives, panicking at times, tasking risks at times, diving into the deep blue ocean and finally coming out the winner. But before that he has yet another tedious task — to face the bureaucrats who choose that natural gas rig full of natural resources (converting later to moolah unlimited) to human lives.

So what’s the (last) message? It’s pretty loud and clear just like the prequels — You’ve got to be clear on what is dearer : That block of natural resources worth crores or human life. Take your pick.

Story :-

Captain of a rescue diver team Daisuke Senzaki ( Hideaki Ito) wants to call it quits to spend time with his wife Kanna ( Ai Kato) and his child. But before that there is one rescue task awaiting completion… for the last time….

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