Warning 3D

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They were seven and half (a baby, plus a dog) of them at the high seas. With their complex love stories, ex-affairs, phobias and fears. All trying to find an anchor, submerged neck-deep in water. Estranged school-friends reunite in Fiji (yet again) on a yatch, supposedly owned by Bakshi (Santosh), the one amongst them who seems to have lived life king-size. Jeanine (Suzana) is his hot-pot gal gal who makes a sexy bare-back entry.

Anshul (Varun), the dost with the most (size-wise) is also the most loved of ’em all. Sabina (Manjari), the school phataka-turned hot-momma joins with hubby (Jitin) and baby onboard. Aman (Sumit) is the rich spoilt brat who drifts without ambition. Gunjan (Madhurima) is the gutsy go-getter(with a hot- bod). The buddies set sail in calm waters, but soon their sweet soiree meets with a tumultuous turn.

They all throw ‘warning to the wind’ and dive in for a swim, but are unable to re-board because of one incautious move. The film embarks on an underwater adventure, but shows as much emotional undercurrent. The characters tide through their past tragedies and heart-breaks, even while sharks attack and their hopes sink in deep waters.

If you suffer from hydrophobia, be warned that this story won’t keep you buoyant for long. The characters stay in water for most part and all the dramatic deluge happens deep down. The continuous sea shots do make you sea-sick, washing away your attention span. Some off-shore action would have kept the story afloat longer.

The 3D-effects kick in at the beginning, and come in spurts later, missing the real ‘high tide’ moments where it was much needed. There are some well-crafted underwater scenes and few moments which take you to the emotional deep-end. The performances (neck-above) are decent, but can’t prevent turbulence at the story-level.

‘Warning‘, heavily inspired from Hollywood film ‘Open Water 2‘ with all its highs and lows is a new effort at a waterworld story, but fails to safely swim ashore even with a life-vest.

Story :-

Adventure at sea turns into calamity when school friends reunite after years on a yatch.

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