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‘Zid’ is nothing like we have never seen before – it’s a story of how love, lust and obsession can drive someone to crime and insanity. Of course, there are the usual suspects – like a love triangle, a cocky detective, some lame witnesses, and stormy nights (every time crime unfolds). Praise the heavens! Ronnie (Karanvir) a crime reporter based in Goa is coping with memories of his ex-girlfriend. His over-zealous boss advises him to get ‘laid’ to get over the past, and says, “Your cabin is like your sex life.” Dull, dark and dusty that is.

Ronnie moves to an eerie outhouse in the back of the beyond to start afresh. The landlord’s daughter, Maya (Mannara) – overacting from the word go – warms up to Ronnie like she’s been waiting for him for the last few lives (haunting, alright!). She lives with her ailing father, has an alligator for a pet, and spends her day swinging from a tree. Watch out, her pet has a bigger role than her father (interesting, huh?).

Moving on, it gets weirder. She falls in love with Ronnie instantly and soon it leads to obsession. For him it’s casual flirting, for her it’s pure pyaar. They go on a date night, but what could have been a ‘happy ending’ turns into a tragic night. His car hits a girl on a bike and Ronnie is ridden by fear and guilt. His ex-girlfriend Priya (Sharddha) obviously makes a re-entry, driving Maya to extreme lunacy.

Enter, detective Moses, always wearing a wicked, know-it-all grin. More chaos ensues; logic slips off like satin lingerie. There’s ample kissing and some love-making too. Hold on, our ladies even pull off their tees (yeah: topless!) with ease. Yet, we fail to get seduced with a storyline thinner than our leading ladies’ sheer tops.

The performances are forgettable and flaws scream out loud. The climax tries to shock, but leaves you shaken and wondering – whose zid was this anyway? As the case comes to a painful close, a guy sitting next to me exasperatingly said, “It’s time for a standing ovation.” I rest my case.

Spoiler alert! Read further only if you have seen the film, since the information below reveals the entire plot of the movie.

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A crime reporter rents an outhouse in Goa in the middle of nowhere. The landlord’s daughter falls madly and obsessively in love with him. They get involved in a hit-and-run case which complicates this fanatical love story.

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