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It’s been over a decade since Hollywood took a liking to ‘low-budget found footage horror’ films. The Blair Witch Project (1999) put the genre on the map, making ‘based on real life events’ the perfect promotional gimmick. Paranormal Activity’s (2007) success further popularised the genre. Unfortunately, in spite of being inspired by the technique years after it became famous, we still fail to nail it.

For starters, for a film to instill fear in your mind, haunting silence is of extreme importance. Fear of the unknown only grips you when you are quiet enough to feel its existence. Sadly, our brand of talkative, conversation-heavy horror films, continue to drive us up the wall as is the case here.

The friends can’t shut up to save their lives. When not suffering from verbal diarrhoea, they find time to get scared by strategically-placed voodoo dolls and human skulls.

Also, instead of shocking us, assuming we (the audience) are naive, we are told exactly when the ghosts are about to enter the frame of Sid’s (one of the boys) handheld camera with a seemingly infinite battery life. Upon the ghost’s arrival, the footage becomes black and white, and we are made to hear mysterious footsteps. As the gang keeps going in circles, since they are lost in the woods, you are more annoyed than petrified since you are prepared for it.

No matter how cliched, films based on this premise manage to keep you engaged, based on your curiosity to find out who survives. But when even that’s given out right in the beginning, will you still be thrilled about the climax? Of the many flaws, this is the worst drawback. The demonic possession looks funny too.

While the sound is probably the only decent aspect of this film, the rest grossly disappoints.

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Six friends decide to embark on a gruelling trek. One of them decides to shoot their adventure on camera. What begins as a fun trip soon turns into a nightmare as they start experiencing paranormal events. Out of the six gone, only one survives to tell the tale. This film is a Hindi remake of a Kannada horror film.

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