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If one let’s go off the bad production value and detailing of the film, Badmashiyaan has in store an appeasing climax. Director Amit Khanna executes the insurmountable task of sewing in five stark yet intertwined plots seamlessly. Taking cues from the classic storytelling of Asian rom-coms, the film adapts the set pattern unique to their yarn.

Those well-acquainted with world cinema won’t find it exceptional. The film’s writing is superficial as the story evidently fails to add depth to any of its characters.

Contrary to our usual pathos of an underwhelming second half, this one suffers from the curse of the first hour, as the movie moves at snail’s pace demanding immense patience. Starting off on an unimpressive note, it picks up tempo only before the strike of interval. Post that there is a marked improvement in pace, with isolated incidents falling together to end on a somewhat heartening note.

The glaring glitch here is that the movie cannot be credited for novelty. From style to story, it fails to bring anything new to the Korean flick Couples on which it is based.

The cumbersome task of changing the game is on the actors and it is only Hashmi and Mehra whose performances work as the saving grace. Gunjan Malhotra who was great in Tevar earlier this year is absolutely wasted.

Though it falls short of being an incredible movie but the unique style of narration, makes it pleasantly watchable.

Story :-

Interweaving the lives of its contrasting characters, the film is the story of Dev (Siddhant Gupta) a cafe owner in Chandigarh whose materialistic girlfriend Nari (Suzanna Mukherjee) dumps him just when he was going to pop the question. Pinkesh (Karan Mehra) a friend of Dev’s, plays detective and is on the lookout for her. He discovers that Nari is planning to get hitched to the dreaded Don Jassi(Sharib Hashmi). Is Nari’s love her attempt to dupe the don? And will the mafia lord spare the woman who steals his money and breaks his heart?

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