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The first reason why you’d like to rush to the nearest cinema to watch this one? Battleship releases a month before the United States of America. Nah! You’d rush to see your ultimate Hasbro combat game come alive on screen. But before that, here’s a warning: Some fifty odd minutes into the movie and this is what you witness – Lt. Alex Hopper ( Taylor Kitsch) is a happy-go-lucky-youth who does not mind rubbing the cops on the wrong side just to get a chicken hamburger for his girl, Samantha (Brooklyn Decker). Enough to win over his lady love, but not much to convince her dad, Admiral Shane ( Liam Neeson). For him, it’s about winning bigger battles. Just when the naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, under the command of apna ‘Carter’ Kitsch, engages in a deadly battle against the foes from outer space who are here to rob Earth of its power resources. That’s where you see Kitsch play hero in every sense of the word as he prepares, strategises and leads his troops to victory. Now, if you can last this bit of screen time, rest assured, the fun just begins.

Yes, Battleship does have enough battles for all gaming buffs out there. There is endless non-stop action, unlimited explosions, adrenaline pumping moments, balls of fire, weird looking creatures, edge-of-the-seat and do-or-die moments. There are also plasma screens spotting the super fast coming of the aliens from under water, NY roads cracking up, cars being destroyed, Hong Kong skyscrapers turning into dust, helicopters being blasted, bright blue signals in the dark pacific ocean. In simple words, this one’s PS3 on the big screen. Add to that the use of several real Navy ships and Navy war skills and you don’t really complain about yet another been-there-seen-that battle for Planet Earth from Hollywood.

Of course, for the just-not-unfaithful fans, here’s one more reason to watch this one. Pop icon Rihanna makes her debut as the confident Petty Officer Raikes, who makes you almost jump from the seat with her first (and sadly last) blow to the alien on the hunt. Now she might not have her oohs and aahs in place here – she’s a tomboy in uniform – but then you do end up saying please don’t stop the music (read raw action on screen), Rihanna!

Story :-

An international naval fleet out to give its new fighters on board a taste of naval exercise ends up waging war of the real kind… not with neighbouring countries, but the extra terrestrials.

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