Bloody Isshq

Review :-

Natasha ( Tripta Parashar) is a rich brat who gets attracted to Nirvaan ( Akash) after he saves her life. Nirvaan however disregards Natasha’s advances, thus making her further attracted to him. After playing the seduction game, the two finally get together but there’s a trap. There is more to Nirvaan than meets the eye. In his back-story, we are introduced to Radhika ( Shilpa Anand) who essays another significant role in the film. The mystery behind Nirvaan’s motive and Radhika’s presence in his life unfold as the story progresses.

The film has decent production values and good songs but weak performances. The acting even leads to unintentional humour in a few scenes. The story with its twists and turns seems interesting initially but becomes way too far-fetched to keep you engaged. Natasha-Nirvaan track seems loosely based on Sridevi-Anil Kapoor banter in Laadla.

The filmmaker doesn’t falter completely. It’s the convoluted script that needs to be blamed. The writer becomes so ambitious to add the thrill element that he loses the plot somewhere. Most of the scenes seem unnecessary and add to the length of the film for no reason. The climax doesn’t justify the build-up either.

This Isshq looks promising but ends up being forgettable.

Story :-

Not everyone is who they appear to be…

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