Chashme Baddoor

Review :-

The answer’s yes – love can be remade and so can a lovely film like 1981’s Chashme Buddoor (CB). This version’s as different as paapri chaat from a dhokla. But it retains the original’s madness, masti and movie-mania. The remixed CB unrolls in Goa where phatichar shayar Omi (Sharma) is addressing, ahem, the St. Stephens College of Arts and Science, while wanna-be hero Jai (Siddharth) is over-acting into a rape scene. Watching the dolts in full bloom, CB has you chuckling from the start. Things only get better when sober Sid (Zafar) pops up, yodels with his cheap chums and explains their drought of dough to doughty cafe owner Joseph Futado (Kapoor) and landlady Josephine (Dubey). Meanwhile, Seema (Pannu) is escaping an arranged marriage, scooting towards the three idiots. Love happens – but after lust, lies and lots of laughs.

CB’s boy-band impresses with consistent acting. With his silky sleaziness, Sharma often steals the show while Siddharth’s comic rhythm is a revelation. Zafar is endearing with his clenched-jaw charm, graceful as he dances, cute as he romances and rather hot when he throws a punch or two. Pannu’s bubbly without being overwhelming while Kapoor and Dubey light up the screen with their little love story – hardcore CB fans, you’ll find their romance does chamko!

But the star remains the story, spicily modernized, yet its salt still that passion for filmi fun, rainy moments, shared chattris, judwaa bhais, overpowering Ma’s, red coats-yellow pants (Dhawan clearly enjoying a Govinda flashback), cheap shers, cheaper lusts and triumphant love. CB’s music is catchy, its lines too – “Bomb woh thi, blast main ho gaya!” – while the hilarity underlines the wise adage: friends stab you in the front but good friendship deserves chashme buddoor.

Story :-

Shy Siddharth loves feisty Seema – but his buddies falsely boast of flings with her, breaking the couple up. Can love be remade?


You will not like this movie if you don’t like corny, occasionally bawdy jokes.

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