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So it’s a 3-D film, huh? Not really, just refer to the 3 different Davids who play protagonists in this 3-piece drama. D1 (Neil) is the dreaded gangster Ghani’s protege in 1970’s London. He talks less, and kills more with lethal looks and loaded guns, and romances Noor (Monica) with deadly passion. A rival gang exposes shocking facts about his past which collapses his (under) world.

D2 (Vinay) is a dude in a family of devout Christians in Mumbai. He’s a struggling musician whose life loses rhythm when his Dad gets embroiled in a politicized issue. For Christ’s sake, really!

D3 (Vikram) is a fisherman in a Goan village, who is more Devdas than David, low on life and high on daru – any time of the day. While he broods about lost love to confidante Frenny (Tabu), he quickly falls for his best friend’s fiancee, Roma (Isha Sharwani).

Bejoy Nambiar presents his story with visual flair – superbly styled, aesthetically rich. While the 1970’s era is imaginatively shot in B&W, laden with retro tunes; Goa of 2010 is stunningly picturized with boats, brides-in-white, priests and tunes of Mario Pitache.

The film swiftly transitions between eras, dramatically changing in colour, content, emotion and drama. Even the music – rock, remix, retro – blends beautifully across time zones. It suffers at story-level – the first half builds intrigue and enthusiasm, but turns blase soon after. The plot with D1 grips, D2 goes so deep to find purpose it loses us, and D3, even with interesting mix of characters leaves us in stupor.

Neil’s performance is restrained and powerful. Vikram is fab as drunken David, and Vinay shows fire as a rebellious youth. Tabu is terrific as always, Monica fiercely stands her own, Isha stays pretty and pleasant.

Yes, the Devil’s in the detail. But maybe David needed more ‘D’ of ‘Depth’ in the story to make this more ‘Delightful’.

Story :-

Three men from three eras and different parts of the world share nothing common but a name – David. They fight their inner demons which twist their beliefs and turn their destinies.

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