Dehraadun Diary

Review :-

Once again, the common man is left asking for tareekh pe tareekh. Women are forced to play ‘Daminis’, and men turn into rakhwalas of the world. Sadly, in this movie, Damini remains a damsel-in-distress, and the rakhwalas lack the power of dhai kilo ka haath (read: Sunny Deol). It’s the story of super-rich and powerful v/s the aam aadmi. A love-story between the rich and poor – laden with political power-play, corruption, a feudal society and a manipulative social system.

reeti (Ragini Nandwani), daughter of the Thakurs who boast of political power and clout, is in a relationship with Anshul Sharma ( Rohit Bakshi). While his family has blessed the jodi, the Thakurs are far from embracing this luv-shuv-shaadi. Preeti’s hot-headed brother Vishesh (Vishal Bhonsle) is outraged on spotting the two at a wedding, and all hell breaks loose.

Anshul is surreptitiously whisked away and brutally murdered. Enter the victim’s brother, Akash (Adhyayan Suman), who is ready to forego his future to fight for justice – over 8 long years! Predictably, as the case gains momentum, the witnesses turn hostile, disappear and re-appear like ghosts; scott-free murderers live life king-size, politics arm-twists the system and the few sane people left lose their sanity (and lives) while the movie loses the plot. Going round in circles. Just like the randomly repeated shots and the lame dialogues!

Adhyayan Suman does nothing to lead this movie, really. His acting is listless and he seems disinterested.

Ragini lacks the screen presence to play a lead actress, in fact, she has a long way to go. The only saving grace here is Rati Agnihotri(Anshul’s mother), Ashwini Kaleskar (the firebrand advocate) and the villainous Vishal Bhonsle.

With poor production values, a crumbling script and blah performances, director Milind Ukey fails to move, inspire or instigate at any level.

This is a diary which is best left unread.

Story :-

A college girl from a politically connected family falls in love with the son of a retired IAS officer. Her ‘honourable’ family strongly disapproves, and murders her boyfriend. What ensues is the common man’s long-drawn fight against a corrupt system and a flawed society.

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