Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend

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Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend starts as a romcom, turns into a con caper, followed by a sting operation and finally ends as a love story. The plot of a woman luring a man to serve her own selfish interests, seems fun in the beginning, but it goes haywire to the extent that you’re least bothered about what happens to the characters or their plan to trap a dubious businessman Minocha (Jackie Shroff doing a terrible Punjabi accent), who rules the stolen cars business in Delhi. The story refuses to proceed and keeps meandering, much to your annoyance. Bored to death, you give up eventually and yearn for the film to end instead. In a bizarre turn of events, you have Dhruv falling in love with Nimmy (Ira Dubey), a TV journalist. This track makes no sense at all, but so does the rest of the film.

Barring Divyendu Sharma and Pradhuman Singh’s camaraderie, nothing really works for the film. Slowmo love songs, Delhi dhabas and slangs have been done to death. To sum it up, the title has no relevance to the story. You’d rather stick to watching the Cricket World Cup instead, for this one is quite zaalim on the senses.

Story :-

Dhruv (Divyendu Sharma), an aspiring IAS officer falls in love with Sakshi (Prachi Mishra), a car loan executive working for a private company. In order to impress her, he and his roommate Happy (Pradhuman Singh) buy a car on loan. However, the car gets stolen, making Dhruv suspect a foul play.

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