Ebn – E – Batuta

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Coming to the plot, the film has been loosely inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar. This just swaps the roles of humans and aliens. Here, the aliens want earth’s gravity, which is why they intend to conquer it, endangering the human species in the process. The superstitious humans on the contrary consider them to be ‘gods’ as they miraculously cure people.

Three friends (Omkar Das Manikpuri, Dev Gohar, Satyendra Khare), who spot the aliens first on their drunken escapades, have their own issues to deal with. The company of these extra-terrestrials gives them a sense of importance in their village and society at large, but little do they know about their intention. What happens and who survives?

The film attempts to address social issues as well as entertain but bad make-up and mediocre special effect spoils the fun. The treatment is too archaic. While Hollywood swears by science fiction and fantasy, Hindi films rarely dabble in this genre. It’s fairly understandable, given our lack of expertise in it. Even if we do attempt making one, the results haven’t been too pleasing, as the plot is mostly borrowed from American films which are in a different league altogether. Thus, except for the commercially viable Krrish franchise and Rajinikanth starrer Robot, Hindi sci-fi hasn’t been too promising.

Besides, execution matters the most for films like these. Big budget projects still manage to draw massive audiences, given the star power and effective special effects. But can a film made with a decent plot but poorproduction values make the cut?
Ebn-E-Batuta works as a comedy with its intentional and unintentional humour but as sci-fi, it fails to deliver. Kids might still enjoy watching the aliens but with the mighty Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the box office, one would rather opt for the latter for obvious reasons.
Story :-
The lives of three friends take an unexpected turn when they encounter two aliens, who come visiting the earth with a hidden motive.
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