I M 24

Review :-

What’s tougher than lying about your age? Hiding a clean, shiny bald pate, of course. And if you’re 40-something, single -not-ready-to-mingle, a struggling writer trying to model yourself on something between Ram and Raja Harishchandra – life ain’t easy. That’s Shubhendu Roy. His shocking alter ego is roommate Gagan (Ranvir Shorey), a struggling actor and compulsive liar, who can fake anything (pun intended) and believes in jhoot ki jeet. But then, Bald meets Beautiful and all hell breaks loose. Shubhendu meets wannabe beauty queen Kanak (Manjari Fadnis) in an online chat-room, and overnight his life spirals into a ‘web’ of lies. He’s suddenly a 24-year-old, writing films for the Chopras and Johars, with a six-pack, sex-appeal, and soccer stars like Maradona and Beckham for friends. Liar! Liar!

Likewise, Gagan is busy wooing Sheila (Neha Dhupia), who flaunts her jawaani with item songs like Tan Mein Jalan. Adding colourful drama, there’s a sleazy filmmaker, Nayan Sidhwani (Saurabh Shukla) who’s more of a don than a director, flanked by his vampish arm-candy( Lillete Dubey) and a part-time-waiter-part-time-actor ( Vijay Raaz), who heighten the chaos.

With a bit of truth, a bit of lies, part spoof, part-real, Saurabh Shukla spins this romcom with witty one-liners, few hilarious scenes, good comic timing, a lot energy (sometimes excessive). But the second half loses spirit, with stretched scenes, repetitive humour and sums-up with an anti-climax. Infact, we even wonder why the movie is called ‘I M 24′, really?

As a 42-year old moonlighting as 24-year-old stud, Rajat Kapoor is amusing, but loses grip mid-way. Ranvir Shorey, with his caricaturish Kung-Fu moves, and hyper, high-pitched performance is the highlight. Neha Dhupia and Manjari Fadnis add glamour and giggles.

This ’24-something’ keeps floundering in the pre-teen sense- of-humour space, never really coming of age.

Story :-

Welcome to Strugglesville, where everyone’s struggling – with careers, monies, truths and lies.

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