Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Review :-

Deadly dives into the oceans, a freaky thunderstorm high up in the sky, a flight on a funky helicopter gone wrong, gold showers from the sky, big butterflies, rides on giant honey bees, elephants the size of pets, giant lizards laying eggs that look like rocks…. In short, a dazzling, visual treat. Now that’s one reason why Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is nothing less than a joyride, just in case you could not get enough from its 2008 prequel Journey to the Centre of the Earth. As for the storyline there ain’t much in store. But then was the journey even meant to look beyond its visual appeal, especially when it’s 3D in question!

Josh Hutcherson once again plays Sean Anderson, a rebellious teen and scientific explorer who sets out on a mission to find the mystery island in the middle of nowhere. And tagging along is none other than the step-dad Hank, a shoddy airline pilot ( Luis Guzman) and his daughter ( Vanessa Hudgens). But then journeys into the unexplored have never been that easy. In this case the team of explorers have got to fight big animals, massive earthquakes, electric-executing sharks and the ultimate threat wherein the island is on its way to get submerged… along with its treasures unlimited.

So what exactly is this journey all about? Is it about relationships — a restless teenager son (Sean Anderson) and his stepfather (Hank) or Sean and his love at first sight experience with Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens)? Or is it about discovering areas unexplored — what could possibly give one more joy than a life of bliss in the lost city of Atlantis. Don’t miss out the India connection in there! Or better still, is it about some nail bitting rescue moments when the lone inhabitants of the island try to overcome tectonic shockwaves.

You don’t really try finding out as long as the dazzling visual 3D effect keeps you entertained.

Tip off: Fun as long as the 3D journey — through blue waterfalls and volcanoes erupting gold — lasts.

Story :-

Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) is hell bent on decoding signals that will not only lead him to his grandfather, but also a mysterious island. And helping in his mission (read journey) is his new stepfather, Hank ( Dwayne Johnson) who later realises there is a much bigger challenge (and threat) awaiting them..

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